"Music for the Soul"

A Modern Day Troubadour: healing the world through song.

John Franklin Fletcher grew up in idyllic Newport Beach, California.  He remembers the days before the 405 Freeway going through Newport to San Diego. One had to take the famous Pacific Coast Highway.  John grew up in the age of the revolution of surfing and rock & roll.  They were exciting times to hear the constantly evolving music that shaped his life and a whole generation and subsequent generations. He was exposed to all types of music and learned to appreciate music deeply.  Surfing introduced the flow of life with nature, dancing on water, in his life.

John Franklin Fletcher is a complete newcomer to the music scene.  His music is based on his own personal experience of living in this dynamic world.  His craft is continually getting better through his depth of development of his music.  He has been known to write and compose on his Ipad mini and music apps, up to 7 songs in a single day.  At his age and this time in his life he. is immensely enjoying the creative process.

The depth of his musical lyrics comes from real life private experiences. It would be very difficult to write or sound convincing on the topics of his music without having gone through real life experiences of true love, enlightenment, wisdom, bliss, integrity, honor, commitment, anger, deep sadness, disappointment, sorrow, broken heart, heartbreak, betrayal and many other deep feelings. He cherishes family, friendship, wisdom and believes in a renaissance way of thinking and living.

At the age of 19 he received "knowledge", a free gift that allows one to turn within and experience the deep, deep truth that all human beings have inside them.  He does not discuss his own experience but just points out one of the options that exist in this world to find true peace within. Knowledge:  “What I offer is more than words. I offer the know-how to access the experience of peace and fulfillment within. I call it Knowledge.” Prem Rawat

His music spans many genres of musical expression.  There are influences from electronic, blues, rock and roll, reggae, country, gospel, spiritual, gregorian, new age, classical, opera and more in his songs.  He believes a lot of his songs would be very suitable for the big screen as it fits his writing signature and style.
John is not a trained musician or vocalist but has a very solid intuitive feeling for musical energy patterns.  He writes for his own enjoyment, personal expression and joy.  He experiences deep focus and connectedness when composing his music.

John knows that his musical voice is not up to par, but stating that, it is his own unique voice signature. It is his message that he believes is most important to convey to his listeners.  He is an electronic musician.  John's music is in the RAW, no major mastering or editing, just the original sounds he conceived in his feelings and composing.

He welcomes accomplished vocalists and bands to collaborate and join him in his message of love and hope.  

Some of the music is designed to sleep to.  At a very deep subconscious level the positive messages of  love, ones true self, hope, the creator and will power are being emphasized at the deepest levels of your consciousness.  John believes that through music we can help make the world a better place for all.

His next projects will be to collaborate with other musicians around the world on his message and to have other musicians use his library in their music projects.

John Franklin Fletcher